The industry standard for fingerprinting fine art, collectibles, and luxury goods

MIRA's technology re-identifies precious works across time and space, inoculating the art world against forgery and fraud

Here’s the problem

The moment a work leaves the room in which it is authenticated, there is a risk that it could be swapped out for a sophisticated forgery.

Robust authentications entail painstaking research, connoisseurship, and scientific testing - but they are only truly reliable while authenticators retain physical possession of the object. In order to preserve trust, expensive and time-consuming authentications are expected to be redone every time a work changes hands. And if they are not, it creates an opportunity for forgeries to enter the market. This risk has engendered ubiquitous anxiety throughout the art world.

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With MIRA, precious works can speak for themselves.

We can’t destroy all the fakes in circulation, but we can eradicate them going forward.

MIRA has made it possible to definitively tie an authentication to an object in a way that persists over time. We use sophisticated imaging technology and deep learning algorithms to understand the microscopic details - the “DNA” - of an object to create a unique digital signature inextricably tied to it. This unique MIRAImage™ is securely stored alongside full cataloguing information on an NFT that lives with the owner of the physical work.

The signature can then be used to re-identify the physical object, forever into the future, even as it undergoes regular wear and tear. And, it will ensure that the work can always be distinguished from copies... no matter how sophisticated.

Why Mira?

MIRA Imaging uses encryption in its secure process


Our technology uses encryption from the moment light hits an object until the generation of the NFT which holds our digital signature. The process of creating the work’s unique signature and embedding it within an NFT occurs within a high trust environment, and only with the express approval of experienced specialists from the art world.

MIRA Imaging captures the details of a work, which are indistinguishable to the naked eye, making it powerful and reliable.

Power & Reliability

We capture microscopic details of a work which are indistinguishable to the naked eye. The image data we capture is so precise, and our algorithms so powerful, that we believe our re-identification determinations would hold up in court.

MIRAʼs technology has been custom- built to the unique specifications of the art world.

Built by the Art World

MIRAʼs technology has been custom-built to the unique specifications of the art world, resulting in a solution that is non-intrusive and requires no external tags or markings that could be removed, forged, or damaging to the work. The precious work acts as its own key to re-identification.

"Authenticity is the soul of the object… Anything that is worth something is worth being faked."
— Nicolas Chow, Chairman, Sotheby’s Asia

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